Monday, 20 February 2017

4 infographics to improve writing; connectors and phrases

I'm bringing today a collection of very useful infographics to level up writings and compositions.

You'll probably find this information under the name of connectors, linking words or phrases and, for sure, you'll find thousands of images.

I've collected these ones because I highly recommend the webs where I found them. Don't forget to visit them for info on other topics.

So, here you are the infographics and links to the original source.
In all of them you'll find connectors, well organised, to adjust writing to communicative purpose.

Aprende Inglés Sila
PDF Printable
Pronunciation of words

Cork English Teacher
(Facebook page)

Phrases with grammar tips


creative infographics said...

will it really help in improving grammar, can you give some examples with some best infographics to understand easily.

Engvarta said...

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Grammar checker said...

Grammar checker
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