ICTs Curation / TICs

In this page you'll find a selection of information, materials, tools...that I think can be interesting for your teaching and/or learning process.

  1. Web Tools and Apps Curation; if your search is realted to a concrete instructional target.
  2. Content Creation Apps & Tools; if you're thinking about a final product for your project.
  3. Learning/Teaching on line platforms. Find Moocs where you can continue learning.

Web Tools/Apps Curation

Organised thinking about how I have used them, but of course you may follow a different criteria.

Content Creation Apps & Tools

These tools and Apps are organised according the definition you may find of them in the web.
But remember to encourage your students to use their imagination and find different uses.

On line Learning/Teaching Platforms

Upper side: platforms where you can find lots of free courses and Moocs
Bottom side: platforms where you can host your own courses and of course study others.

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