Monday, 27 April 2015

Cloze Tests Generator

From time to time, we all go back to those traditional "Fill in the gaps" exercises. No doubt that they aren't the most engaging ones, but sometimes they are good to check  how well students use certain grammar points, or their general understanding of texts. Not only this, cloze tests can also be used to provoke students' imagination.

The problem is that it usually takes time to prepare these exercises; finding words first and erasing them later. The good news is that there's a fantastic tool that makes all this for us, and for free.
This tool is a creation of l.georges and you can find it here.

In this image you can see what you'll fin on your screen. Just follow these steps and you'll get you exercise ready to use;

  1. Write/Paste your text.
  2. Decide the type of words you want to disappear. If you have your own list of words to be taken out, click on the word and then click on the + between the to boxes of instructions.
  3. Get your exercise as a text (to create your own file) or to be done on line. Decide also if you want show your students the list of words removed from the text.

fill gaps exercises generator

Now, preparing exercises with updated tests that engage students is easier. Once you get them you can embed in a blog or copy in a doc, but they are ready to be used. See an example of fill in the gaps exercise; "Films Review"

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