Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Word Games & Jokes

Holidays is a good time for having fun with English.
Forget about studying for exams and have some laugh reading the Reader's Digest magazine.
In this popular, general and family interest, magazine you can find:

If you like Word Games try theese ones. You'll improve your English Vocabulary while having some fun.

Click on the image to play.

vocabulary games

Form as many words as you can!
vocabulary games word search
Find hidden words in the scrambled grid of letters!
vocabulary games cryptogram
Try to break the code!
vocabulary games find words
Find the hidden words in the mess of letters.
vocabulary games trivia
Are you a walking encyclopaedia?
vocabulary games crossword
It’s all the fun of crosswords without a newspaper!
vocabulary games fun words
Get ready to be wowed with wonderful word fun!
vocabulary games link letters
Link letters and clear space for flowers to grow!

Images and games from Reader's Digest


Jordan R said...

The jokes are bad and simples.
The game I like the most is the "word search" and I give him a note of 8 to 10

Mariam G said...

The jokes are a little boring.
My favourite game is "Spellbound" and I give him a punctuation of 8 out of 10, because it is amusing.