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Facebook activity in the English class

Working Digital Competence and writing in the English class
Lesson Plan

Title "Find me on Facebook"

Subject & Level English, E.S.O.

Objectives: to develop Digital Competence skills described in Area 2: “Communication”, Competence 2.6 “Managing digital identity” (to create, adapt and manage one or multiple digital identities, to be able to protect one's e-reputation, to deal with the data that one produces through several accounts and applications) from The European Digital Competence Framework (DIGCOMP).
  • To be aware of our online digital identity.
  • To learn to monitor the information we produce.
  • To learn to protect our digital reputation.
  • To create a fictional Facebook profile
  • To create a 10 points list of good and bad habits for online communications: “Do’s and don’ts in online communications”

1. Preparation

Students, in pairs, decide on the character they are going to write about; historical, fictional...

Students enter Fakebook / and create a profile.
  • Cover: name and image
  • About: date of birth, family info, jobs, studies...
  • Blocks: friends, likes, photos, videos.... with images
  • 5 Posts with images, links and videos if wanted
  • Students save work, give it a password and copy the link given to their page.
2. Showcase

Students watch the profiles created and annotate what they think are:
  • Good habits (in green Post-it)
  • Bad habits (in red Post-it)
Students do this in relation to:
  • safety (giving personal information)
  • images / videos match communication purpose
  • communications match different types of profiles
To do this teacher creates a virtual canvas with Linoit.

3. Debate

Students, with the help of teacher, find the good and bad habits to:
  • Create an adequate digital footprint
  • Indentify information that shouldn’t be shared online
  • Identifying information given through images
4. Conclusion

Students agree on 5 things to do and 5 things to avoid when communicating online.

They put them together in a Linoit canvas under the title “Do’s and don’ts in online communications”

Sample image of a Facebook page created with

Facebook activity Veronica Alconchel

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