Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Quizlet - Create your own sets of flashcards

Here it is
2.0 tools flashcards

a new way of learning vocabulary and many other things.

With this tool you can create sets of flashcards with words from your own list. You can also use sets created by other teachers.

When creating your flashcards, you can type on Quizlet or simply upload that list you've kept for ages on your computer.

What teachers can do:
  • Write in different languages.
  • Use images as a definition to a word.
  • Print lists of vocabulary
  • Print tests with varied types os questions.
  • You can create groups/classes and organise a competition.
What students can do: choose among 3 Study modes and 2 games.
  • Study
    • Speller: Listen to a word and copy it down.
    • Learn: Listen / Read the definition and write the term to study.
    • Test: Test yourself by choosing from different types of questions
  • Play Games
    • Scatter: Match terms and definitionsto make them disappear.
    • Space Race: Write quickly the term to study as the definition appears on your screen.
A very useful tool for teachers and appealing for students. Time to try it!!

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