Saturday, 12 October 2013

Introducing Interactive Notebooks

This summer, I came across with Interactive Students Notebook. At first I thought it was something related to TICs or TACs, but surprisingly I found that it's not new at all, Da Vinci or Newton already used them. Yes, the idea is to apply the scientists techniques, when working in their notebooks, to today's education.

No need to say that curiosity killed the cat, and so I spent great time searching for more info and how to use it with my students. It really caught me because it's quite easy to put it into practise.

As I told my students "this is an interactive notebook without batteries". Basically one side of the notebook is dedicated to note taking in class (input), and the other side is the student's one (output). Here they have to write, draw, glue...their feelings, impressions, schemes...of what they have seen in class. I'm not being vague, everything is permitted in the student's side, the more colours, the better, crafty works are more than permitted, they are required.

To build the Interactive Notebook students need colours, glue, scissors, coloured papers....and a lot of imagination. What the teachers needs is to change the traditional way of assigning homework. Forget about the typical "page 10, exercise 2". Ask questions that allow your students to revise and process what they've been taught. Encourage them to make Foldable Books, drawings, coloured schemes and so on. Don't you think it's an interest way of taking into account the theory of Multiple Intelligences when teaching and learning?

Well, I'm really willing to work with Interactive Notebooks this year.
Here I let you a link to my Pinterest board where I have collected all the things I found about them. You'll find theory, samples, rubrics and much more.

Interactive Notebook Strategy

I hope you really enjoy it.

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