Friday, 18 January 2013

Listening Activities

Some of my youngest students are asking me for Listening activities to impreove this skill.
Well, I've found this very interesting and complete site, full of Listening activities.

Listening Activities
Click on the image to visit the web

Here you can find a lot of Listening Quizzes very well organised into different levels and topics.
Randall provides you not only with Listening Quizzes, but also Grammar explanations and exercises, Vocabulary, Pre-listening activities, Post-listening activities and even Online investigation exercises to go on practising.
I really recomend this site, either to use it online in the classroom or to encourage your students to practise listening on their own.
When your enter the site, you can see a huge list of Listening Quizzes. The only thing you have to do, not easy one, is to choose one of them. Just click on the title and you´ll see this scheme:

As I said before, there are lots of things to do.
Thanks to Randall practising listening is now easier and funnier.

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