Saturday, 3 March 2012

A Recipe Book

Sometimes giving/studying vocabulary is quite boring. To make it funnier and get the emotional advantage, we can let students prepare their own set of words to study.
This time we were working on Food vocabulary. We decided to write our own recipes but before doing this, we needed to know the vocabulary we were going to use.

These are the steps I followed to do the whole project, which included vocabulary and writing.
  1. Vocabulary. Prepare a document with Google Docs where students can write the words they have to use. This time there were two categories; food and verbs.
  2. Share the documents with your students. This way everybody will see what is already written and so you will avoid repetition of words. As a teacher you also will be able to see each student's contribution.
  3. Writing. Revise / Teach the grammatical structures students will use to write their recipes.
  4. Students write the recipes at home.
  5. Check the writings and mark mistakes, so students can correct them.
  6. Once you have all the recipes corrected put all of them in a Word Document. After that, upload the file to Issuu and publish it on your blog (or share it with your students).
You can see here my students recipe book.

I won't fool you, it's extra work for the teacher, but the result is really nice and students like seeing their work on the net.

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